Designing the Network of Things

A New Smart Gigabit-Class Solution for Whole Home WiFi Networks

Ignition Design Labs (IDL) is a market leader in next-generation carrier-grade convergent Wi-Fi and 4G/5G wireless access technologies.

Our company has quickly distinguished itself in the telecommunications sector, most notably through our partnership with SoftBank Japan, a global communications carrier with over 100 million subscribers. This collaboration has led to the launch of one of the world's largest integrated Wi-Fi and cellular systems in Japan, featuring over 400,000 access points across the greater Tokyo area.

Addressing the user experience issues related to large area Wi-Fi coverage, IDL also solves the problems of scalability, cognitive radio management, and convergence with 4G/5G and enhances the serviceability by providing NaaS to increase our customer profitability.

Besides convergence, IDL also employs AI technologies in network management and IoT security management to make our customers not only gain exceptional user experience but also reduce the cost of maintenance.

IDL has its headquarter in Silicon Valley with an RD facility in Taiwan.

4G/5G Offload and Smart Wi-Fi Technology

Improved Network Capacity
Offloading non-time-critical data traffic, such as large file downloads or software updates, to Wi-Fi networks can free up capacity on cellular networks.
Wi-Fi networks can be deployed in high-density environments where cellular coverage may be limited.
Enhanced User Experience
Users can experience faster data speeds and reduced latency.
Cost Saving
Wi-Fi networks are often less expensive to operate and maintain compared to cellular networks.
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Network and Management Platform

NMP is a multifunctional system that unifies the management of network devices and operations.

Leveraging cloud technologies like Docker virtualization and distributed big data storage, along with multi-user management features, NMP ensures powerful functionality, easy administration, and enhanced security.

NMP provides wireless network operators and developers with comprehensive, professional management and operation functions for large wireless networks, including standard API for interoperation with third-party applications and wireless network big data collection & analysis. It also boasts easy management with customized data reports for end users.

It is built for enterprise-grade O&M and security, while simple enough for small businesses.

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High-performance and secure wireless network Supporting for Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 7 technology and boosting user experience in a more efficient and cost-saving way

A complete portfolio of access points, switches, gateways, access controllers, routers, cloud-based management platform, and APP.

Super Mesh-powered Wi-Fi 7 Router Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 Network

Empowered by EasyMesh technology, IDL routers deliver seamless and robust Wi-Fi signals to every corner of your home

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